The Very Green Gardener

Plant subscription services

 Living in a big city can make it hard to grow your own plants. Sometimes you wish you could eat your own spinach, grow your own herbs, or get in on the tomato craze for the season.

Discovering garden space with no know-how is also rough! As a part of our gardening services, we look after fruit trees and vege gardens- but what if you have a lone lemon tree in the backyard that you want to tend to? What if you want to do it yourself?

Plant subscription services are our solution.

Every month, you will receive a new plant, along with instructions on how to grow it, what to use it for, and what you can do once it’s all used up. Or…

Every month, you will receive a tailor made package, helping you through what your garden needs from you at this time of year.

This is a fantastic gift for new home owners, apartment dwellers, starving students, and anyone who needs a hand in keeping a garden of whatever size. Check out the range of options below!