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Welcome to the plant nursery and sale part of the website!

Usually, we sell indoor plants, outdoor plants, loose leaf tea, and other items that we grow. All of our plants and products, unless labelled clearly, are grown organically by the business in Wellington, NZ.

However, this is the busiest time of year and all of the nursery’s energy is going into growing plants for our own landscaping.

If you know we have a product, have bought from us before, or would like to make a large purchase, please get in touch! The indoor plant nursery is still very active, but we sell out of items faster than they can be propagated, so small stock runs are available on Trademe, and you are welcome to get in touch to see if we have a certain plant or you would like to buy a cutting.

— Every plant newbie, ever
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Please read before purchasing

Why don’t you have GST or taxes included in the price?

Currently, as a sole trader, this business doesn’t have to be GST registered. This means we do not pay GST, so we don’t charge GST. This is about to change, and we will be mostly absorbing the increased charge. We do pay income tax and every other tax legitimately, and those are included in the prices. Essentially, yes, our plants will go up a few dollars in price soon, and we will charge GST. For now, enjoy the savings!

I want the cheapest option, will I be able to buy a cutting?

We have notes on each product noting that cuttings are for experienced gardeners only, so please read up on how to strike cuttings before purchasing, as we can’t guarantee if you will be able to make it grow.

Can I come and see the nursery?

The indoor plants are littered throughout our shared flat, where they are nurtured and loved by three flatmates and a child. The outdoor plants are in our backyard, where they are nurtured and loved by gardening staff, and nestled right beside our neighbours front door. As a result, we tend to discourage this, but you are very welcome to organise a pickup on a day that someone is working in the nursery, which offers a bit of flexibility with looking at plants.

When can I pick up?

It’s best to check in, but we have a dedicated space for plant pickups, which enables us to be very flexible with when you come by. Zoe typically works in the nursery on Saturdays, if you would like to say hello.

I don’t know how to look after my plant!

You are always welcome to get in touch with your questions! You could contact us on facebook, instagram or email- every page on the website has links to each of those options.

I want to landscape my property and buy plants from you to do so. Can you help?

Yes! Get in touch with the contact form and we can bounce some ideas around about what will suit your property. There are two sides to the nursery- one provides plants for the business to use in landscaping, and the other sells interesting plants that we have come into contact with- so often we don’t have enough plants for large orders, but we can provide you with advice on where to find the plants you need, if we can’t help.

What happens if the plant you sold me dies?

It depends on why it died. If it arrives in bad condition, take a photo and let us know ASAP so we can replace it. If you’re struggling to keep it alive, please get into contact as quickly as possible so we can support you with it. We guarantee plants that leave the nursery but many indoor plants die as a result of owner mishaps, which we can’t guarantee, so we’d rather make sure you are a happy plant owner with a thriving plant, than we find out once it’s been dead for a week.